Demo 2013

by Head Hits Concrete

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released December 5, 2013



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Head Hits Concrete Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Cascading Systems Failure (Demo)
Cascading Systems Failure

An oncoming disaster
Of unprecedented proportions
On the way

A financial system turned
Into an imploding house of cards
A progressive collapse

An unreachable chain reaction
Forever crippling institutions
Deemed too big to fail.

Let bankers rain from
Towered windows in the sky
Let politicians hang
From debt ceilings of their design

Cascading systems failure
From a point of no return.
Track Name: Binaries (Demo)

Another frightful and freezing day
Brings a cold and cruel uncertainty.
The desperate internal voice rages
And claws in silence in a bid to escape
A fate as real as being bound
And fucking dragged behind a car.

An expression of sexuality
As narrow and as condescending

As the mindless droning majority
Who can be held responsible
For this assigned extinguishment

For this attempted social lobotomy
For this catastrophic repression
And for this tear-stained letter left behind.
Track Name: Blood Quantum (Demo)
Blood Quantum

The narratives of linguistic assimilation
And physical relocation is handed down.
It is the equivalent of a noose for a family heirloom.
There remains little but a shattered genealogy
That authenticates misery and disorder.
Rotten tears pour down a skin so beautiful
So aware and so desperate to be filled with life and love.
Instead there is only horror,
Loss and unimaginable and unspeakable trauma.

I fear the unknown features of this interior
It is a place of no language and no history
Alienating and alienated, a people’s collective
Curdled scream for survival forever producing no sound
It is the deafening clatter of a holocaust
Being burned into blood.